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Lavalier Ambience – SFX Library


A unique ambience sound library containing a vast variety of locations. Recorded with two lavalier microphones (in stereo) to match the recorded sound from documentary-style, run- and gun-filmmaking, ENG-work etc. Read the story on how we made this product over at the Product Insight
Listen to the demo, and browse the contents below.


  • 55 files // 2 hours and 35 min of sounds
  • 96 kHz, 24 bit, stereo wave files
  • 2x Røde lavalier microphones // Sound Devices 788T
  • Recorded in A-B stereo
  • Choose left/right channel for perfectly clean mono
  • Minimal processing
  • Soundminer & Protools Soundbase metadata-tagged

Demo contains:
00.00: City, Harbor, Traffic, Small crowd
00:05: Restaurant, Indoor, Large crowd
00:09: Construction, Backhoe digging, Circular saw
00:16: Weather, Rain on grass and roof, Medium
00:21: Metro train, Interior, Small crowd, Sweden


Contents (5,01 GB):

Library, Small crowd, Children, Sweden.wav 03:20
Library, Small crowd, Keyboard typing.wav 03:20
Metro train station, Large crowd, Sweden.wav 02:07
Metro train station, Small crowd, Sweden.wav 04:53
Metro train, Interior, Small crowd, Sweden.wav 02:40
Motorcycles, Medium fast, Passing.wav 04:00
Office ambience, Floor cleaning machine.wav 01:30
Restaurant, Indoor, Large crowd.wav 03:20
Restaurant, Outdoor, Cars, Birds, Sweden.wav 02:10
Restaurant, Outdoor, Distant large crowd.wav 02:30
Shopping mall, Medium crowd, Escalator, Sweden.wav 02:00
Shopping mall, Medium crowd, Sweden.wav 02:00
Shopping mall, Pharmacy, Medium crowd, Sweden.wav 01:50
Traffic, Tunnel, Medium slow.wav 04:00
Train station, Hall, Indoor, Large crowd, Sweden.wav 03:10
Train station, Indoor, Large crowd passing, Sweden.wav 02:58
Train station, Indoor, Large crowd, Sweden.wav 03:00
Train station, Outdoor, Arriving train.wav 02:38
Train station, Outdoor, Medium crowd, Sweden.wav 02:00
Tunnel, Large, Bicycle, Traffic.wav 02:50
Water, Calm lake, Bridge, Distant highway, Distant birds.wav 01:40
Water, Calm lake, Bridge.wav 01:30
Water, Calm lake, Distant highway, Birds.wav 02:20
Weather, Medium wind, Birds.wav 03:00
Weather, Rain on grass and roof, Medium.wav 02:30
Vehicle, Medium fast cars, Passing, Birds.wav 04:10
Vehicle, Medium fast cars, Passing, Wind, Airplane.wav 03:40
Vehicles, Highway, Crickets.wav 02:50
Car, Interior, Asphalt, Audi A3 2003, Medium fast.wav 03:00
City, Dense traffic, Medium slow.wav 04:00
City, Distant crickets.wav 02:00
City, Distant traffic, Wind, Small crowd.wav 02:30
City, Harbor, Traffic, Small crowd.wav 02:10
City, Medium traffic, Crickets.wav 02:30
City, Medium traffic, Distant crowd.wav 02:30
City, Medium traffic, Small crowd.wav 03:00
City, Outdoor parking space, Airplane.wav 02:50
City, Pedastiran zone, Medium crowd, Sweden.wav 03:20
City, Pedastrian zone, Distant medium crowd, Sweden.wav 02:20
City, Pedastrian zone, Large crowd, Crying kid, Sweden.wav 02:04
City, Pedastrian zone, Seagulls, Medium crowd, Sweden.wav 02:20
City, Residental zone, Sweden.wav 03:00
Combine harvester, Distant, Passing.wav 03:20
Commuter train, Interior, Open window.wav 05:35
Commuter train, Interior, Small crowd, Sweden.wav 04:00
Construction, Backhoe digging, Circular saw.wav 04:00
Country, Crickets, Tractor.wav 01:30
Country, Tractor, Cars, Birds.wav 02:20
Crowd, Party, Medium small, Outdoor, Sweden.wav 02:09
Escalator, Crowd, Indoor.wav 01:50
Escalator, Train station, Crowd.wav 03:20
Grocery store, Checkout, Medium small crowd.wav 02:30
Hall, Small crowd.wav 03:06
Inhouse bus terminal station, Tunnel.wav 03:05
Library, Hall.wav 03:20

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