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  • Product Insight: Leaves, Raking on Grass Sound Pack

    Leaves, Raking on Grass is a collection of 20 sound effects of dry autumn leaves on grass, being raked into piles, moved, lifted, dropped, and handled in other ways. 20 files, 26 min 20 seconds, app. 1032 unique movements/sounds 96KHz 24 bit stereo wave files Recorded in AB-stereo configuration, Recorded with 2x Neumann KMR81d onto …

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  • Product Insight: Lavalier Ambience Sound Effects Library

    Lavalier Ambience is a collection of background sounds recorded in the same manner, and with the same kind of gear typically used in documentary filmmaking and ENG (Electronic News-Gathering.) These sound effects are designed to bridge the audio gaps that often occur while putting together the recorded content in the editing software.

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