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We at Matching SFX are proud to present the winning submission for the Sci-fi film contest.

“Time” by Dejan Grujčić was picked as winner

by the jury
“…due to its mesmerizing visual style, and as a demonstration of great matching between cinematography and sound design.”

Below follows a short interview with Dejan

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born in Banjaluka in BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I graduated as a drama, audio and visual artist in the Academy of arts in Banjaluka. I work as a cinematographer since January 2003. I’ve worked on many projects related to film but also I shot many commercials and music videos in my country.

2) Describe the film you made – how did you get the idea?

The submission to the contest is actually a shot from a work-in-progress feature film that I started shooting this autumn. It is a short featured film that I am directing and it’s not finished yet. It is a story about boy who is lost in time. Searching his way to get out from the forest (forest is a metaphor for the time), he experiences many memories from his happy childhood (toys, images, ext). All this leads to the point where he finds out that running away is futile and that he needs to take place in the time that is given to him. Idea was born when I noticed that the behavior of kids my sons age was corrupted by modern technology and that they lost contact with nature and things that matter the most. Time for them is to be kids, not someone before their time. 

3) What did you think about the sci-fi ambience tracks you downloaded in the contest pack?

The track I picked from the downloaded contest pack was very useful to me because it helped me to describe the physical state of the character and of time, which are intertwined. The correlation of image and sound in this case is of great importance to introduce the viewer to a world  of a boy who is in conflict with himself.

4) What role does sound and sound design play in the films you make?

Sound is of great importance not just for me but for all filmworkers. Some things I can describe better with sound than with shots. For me it’s very important to build an atmosphere and physical states of characters with sound and combine them with adequate camera angles.


The MatchingSFX’s Sci-fi Film contest was launched December 1st, 2021 in tandem with the release of our new sound effects library Sci-fi Ambience. The mission was to create an opportunity for filmmaking to happen with the compositions and soundscapes of our Sci-fi Ambiences as a source of inspiration. Below you’ll find the original contest submission page, where you can read up further on the concept. The submissions page however – is now closed – until the next contest.

Welcome to our contest for indie filmmakers and motion artists.

The challenge:
Choose a sound effect track from our new
Sci-fi Ambience Sound Effects Library and interpret it visually.


  1. 1) Download this pack of selected tracks from the Sci-fi Ambience Library. (The link is no longer active, the entry period is over)

  2. 2) Choose your favourite track, and get creative!

  3. 3) Submissions are now closed. (Deadline was Dec 1st 2021)

  4. 4) The winner is presented on this page December 10th

The SFX tracks provided:

Out of the 78 sound effect tracks in the SCI-FI Ambience SFX Library, we’ve handpicked 5 tracks for you to choose from:
– Sci-fi ambience, Antimatter incubator, Large
– Sci-fi ambience, Background radiation, High
– Sci-fi ambience, Dark noise
– Sci-fi ambience, Moon wind cycle, Strong
– Sci-fi ambience, World engine, Slow

What kind of films are we looking for?

Your entry doesn’t have to be a narrative or story. Mood and feeling are praised high by the jury.
– Live action film and 3d/motion graphics submissions are equally welcome.
– You can be an individual, or a group of people making the submission together.

Contest rules and terms:

  • – Film length: 15 to 60 seconds
  • – Your entry can not contain any other kind of audio except for the Sci-fi ambience track you’ve downloaded from this site.
  • – You must own the rights to all material in your film. (Or you have an explicit consent from the rights owner)
  • Read the full terms and conditions for the contest here.

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