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  • Footstep, Dirt and Gravel (and other footstep sound packs from MatchingSFX)

    What is this product? Footstep sound effects are – or should be – an essential part of your foley library. The Footstep, Dirt and Gravel is our seventh Footstep Sound Pack, and it’s time to write a bit about how we make them. Even though this product insight will focus on our Dirt and Gravel …

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  • Product Insight – Skateboard, Street & Concrete Sound Effects Library

    What is this product? This is a collection of professionally recorded and edited skateboarding sound effects, curated by skateboard filmmakers. The sound library – as the name suggests – focuses on street skateboarding sounds, where you typically ride on concrete, tarmac, and tiles of different kinds. Tricks are often made on concrete or metal ledges, …

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  • Product Insight: Lavalier Ambience Sound Effects Library

    Lavalier Ambience is a collection of background sounds recorded in the same manner, and with the same kind of gear typically used in documentary filmmaking and ENG (Electronic News-Gathering.) These sound effects are designed to bridge the audio gaps that often occur while putting together the recorded content in the editing software.

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