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Matching Sound Effects is a high-end producer of sound effects for Film, TV and Games.  Our web shop sell sound effects for digital download, always with a royalty free license, and assembled in a neat format we call sound packs. 


Our vision:

We focus on usability. 
This means making high-quality sound effects. 
It also means making them with minimal processing, and the lowest possible noise levels. 
This way our sounds will be matching in your mix, so you can go anywhere you like creatively from there. 
We also strive for clever and compact sound pack design. You should always find the right sound effect, but without unnecessary extra weight and cost.


Who we are:

Matching Sound Effects is founded by music producer/sound designer Philip Jurdell, together with film editor/producer Johann Skirnir Gustavsson. We’ve worked together in different ways since 2002, and have made hundreds of commercials, tv-shows, short films, and music productions. The sound effects are typically created around Stockholm, Sweden, on especially silent and otherwise suiting locations.


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